On the other side of the lens...

On a foggy day a couple weeks ago I ventured out to Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver with fellow photographer Danaea Li, to have portraits of myself done.  Danaea was our wedding photographer and a supremely talented individual who I have known for a while.  Starting out in the photography business, I have found it a bit difficult to cultivate relationships with others in the industry and so it was a real treat to spend some time with someone who I can nerd out with about all things camera.  

I was so happy when I got back the photos as they were exactly what I had hoped for. Surrounded  by a beautiful landscape, with my camera, doing what I love.  I managed to sneak in a couple shots of Danaea as well :)  

I look forward to some photo walks in the future with Danaea, but until then...check out the photos from our shoot. 

Visit Danaea's website at danaealiphotography.com

Here was one of my images, captured on the day...


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