Overbury Resort Thetis Island Intimate Wedding // Jan + Ian
Overbury Resort Thetis Island Wedding

The morning of Jan and Ian’s wedding I took the little ferry from Vancouver Island over to the small island of Thetis. It was a grey and drizzly BC day, but the couple and their guests were in high spirits when I arrived, not allowing the weather to dampen their excitement.

Jan and Ian had purposely planned an intimate day, with only close family and friends attending. This made the celebration so heartfelt, with amazing little in-between moments happening all over the place! The Overbury Resort could not have been a more perfect spot for the wedding; it is equal parts charming, rustic and stunningly beautiful, a true West Coast gem. The rain was on and off for most of the day but we made use of the antique-filled indoor space while it poured outside. Once the rain stopped Jan, Ian and I made our way down to the beach and then adventured through the nearby paths into the forest. After portraits the pair joined the rest of their guests in the reception space for dinner and cocktails.

Rain on your wedding doesn’t have to be a bad thing, these two embraced the weather and had a memorable, wonderful, heart-filled celebration.

Ceremony/Reception Venue: Overbury Resort
Jan’s Dress: Bliss Bridal
Ian’s Attire: Indochino
Hair / MUA: Rachel Milligan / Laura Gale / The Bride
Ceremony Musician: Cara Bateman
Florist: Overbury Resort
Catering: Overbury Resort
Officiant: Charlotte Aaberg

Pitt Lake Engagement Session // Brynne + Matt

When Brynne and Matt told me about their idea to incorporate Matt's motorcycle into their engagement session, I was all over it!  I knew Pitt Lake would be the perfect spot for the photos because of the long stretches of road, tones, and gorgeous views of the mountains in the background.  Brynne and I had talked before the shoot about having an editorial feel.  I totally think we were able to incorporate her vision into the session and I'm so happy with the final result!  I can't wait to photograph Brynne and Matt's wedding at Cecil Green next month and see what they have planned!

Romantic Wedding at The Permanent Gastown // Elle + Sarah

Im so excited to finally be sharing this wedding that is very near and dear to my heart!  Having been friends with Elle for many years, I was so happy to see her and Sarah together as they are very well suited for each other and balance each other perfectly.  Being asked to shoot their wedding was such a huge honour, and it was a wonderful, heartfelt day that I was so glad to be a part of. 

I knew that they were going to have a stylish celebration but these two blew me away with their attention to even the smallest of details.  Every touch was so personal to Elle and Sarah that it made for a wedding that truly reflected who they are as individuals and as a couple.  The decor was full of vintage charm, with books, pennies (for good luck!) and rose quartz adorning the tables.  One of my favourite elements was the old photographs of loved ones who were not there that the brides had placed throughout the room.

Some words from Elle and Sarah: The most important thing was creating a feeling of beauty, love and warmth. We wanted every detail to be personal and engaging. To reflect not only the old world romance that we feel – but also to reflect the love and support that we feel for those that showed up for us as a couple. It was imperative that everyone who showed up for us felt welcome and loved!

Beyond just the glamorous decor though, the day was full of so many meaningful moments that made it so so special.  From the beautiful first look in Stanley Park to the teary vow exchange in front of their loved ones, the day was all emotions and love and capped off with a mean dance party.  Click on the image below to see the full gallery.

Vancouver Cozy In-Home Couples Session // Lorenza + Ilenia

Last year I did a very special in-home session with two amazing women, Lorenza and Ilenia.  These two are from Italy but moved to Canada to live in a place more accepting of LGBTQ couples. I actually met Lorenza on Instagram and asked her if they would want to shoot with me sometime and we set up a session in their new apartment.  These two were so natural in front of the camera, so obviously in love, that it made the session flow so smoothly. We’ve become friends since the shoot, in fact, they had my husband and I over for dinner and cooked us authentic Italian pasta and risotto! 

I had them write a little bit about their relationship and their move to Canada and this is some of what they said: "Our story has been accompanied then by the decision that we made together to not hide our relationship. The visibility, the sincerity and simplicity have always been essential to us. It wasn’t always easy to stay true to our principles especially in a state like Italy where LGBT rights aren’t guaranteed and public opinion is still very closed-minded.

Our dreams aren’t so different from many young couples in love. We dream of finding a job that we like, to marry and grow old together and have one, two or even three children. All this in a state where our love and our family is protected and where homophobia is only a bad thing that once existed.

In order to follow our dreams, we decided to move to Canada in March 2017. Even if we tried our best, we felt Italy too much tight to us. Now we live in Vancouver and we’re happy as never before. We always hold hands when we walk together, we kiss no matter who can see us and we go on adventures together on our days off. We found our personal Garden of Eden. And this is all I wish to all. Find your personal path and follow it. No matter how hard it is, just follow your heart and everything will be fine."

You can read the rest of their story on Dancing With Her.

Bodega Ridge Galiano Island Wedding // Pam + Sam

Pam and Sam (could their names be more perfect for each other?) got married on a gorgeous and sunny June day on Galiano Island.  There wasn't a cloud in the sky as they said their I do's in front of a small group of their closest friends and family. 

The property at Bodega Ridge is amazing, with views to the surrounding Gulf Islands and acres filled with meadows, forested areas, wildflowers and log cabins.  During portraits we explored the site a bit, and took a few minutes to spend time with, Cashew, Pam and Sam's sweet pup.  We also took a short drive to some other stunning spots nearby on the Island. 

The day had several heartfelt moments, starting with a intimate first look amongst the trees and ending with some beautiful speeches that had us all shedding tears.  There was also so much fun and excitement in the air as well.  The couple kept things very laid back, with lawn games, a cocktail hour in the sun, a simple family-style dinner under the tent, and an epic dance party that went late into the night.

I was so happy to be a part of this down-to-earth celebration!  See the rest by clicking on the image below.

Kananaskis Lake Alberta Elopement // Celestine + Alex

There's nothing more flattering than being asked to shoot the wedding of a fellow wedding photographer.  Having been a fan of Celestine's work I was beyond happy (and just a little intimidated) to be asked to shoot her mountain elopement.  I love my home in BC but visiting the turquoise lakes and gorgeous fall colours of the Rockies was so special.

We canoed out to a little Island at Upper Kananaskis Lake to do the ceremony, officiated by another amazing Alberta photographer, Erik McRitchie.  Celestine and Alex read their personal vows to each other, and their were a few tears and lots of laughter.  We started heading back towards their home making many stops along the way for portraits.  My favourite spot was this amazing field of red, orange and yellow with the mountains in the background, it was breathtaking.

Once we got back, Celestine and Alex's families had prepared an amazing meal and set up a table in the backyard with a stunning view of the sunset.  They kindly asked me to stay for dinner and we talked and laughed until the stars came out.  Being in an area where you can actually see the stars is pretty amazing, we thought we might get a glimpse of the Northern Lights but sadly they didn't make an appearance that night.  Because, it was so dark on their property, we had to drive the car onto the lawn to get some light for Celestine and Alex to have their first dance.  You can find the full story by clicking on the image below. 

Spending time in the mountains for this elopement has me even more excited to travel back to Alberta later this year!