California Wedding Photographer // Abbi + Callen Yosemite Adventure Session
Yosemite Park Wedding Photographer

One of my absolute favourite things (besides my dog, and Jaimie, and waffles obvs) is meeting up and shooting with other photographers when we're on the road.  I met Abbi on Facebook and saw through one of the photography groups we're both in that her and her husband, Callen, were planning on being in Yosemite at the same time as Jaimie and I so we arranged a session.

The day of the session was pretty miserable, weather and visibility was low.  I had dreamed of those gorgeous Yosemite views I had been seeing in photos and when we got to the parking lot at Glacier Point we saw that the clouds were socked in and there was a pretty chilly drizzle as well.  We are all adventurous people so we decided we'd shoot anyways and make the best out of it, Yosemite had different plans for me though.  As I jumped down from the van to cross the parking lot my hiking boot laces got tangled together and I ended up taking a faceplant right on the pavement.  Glasses smashed, knee cut open and some gravel in my face, we decided that maybe it wasn't in the cards to shoot that night.  As Jaimie and I were leaving the parking lot though the sky opened up and an amazing sunset appeared in sky.  You better believe that I hobbled back out to shoot and I'm so glad I did, we caught an awesome sunset and I got a couple great shots of Abbi and Callen.

We made arrangements to meet up the next day and hike out to Taft Point for a full session and it couldn't have gone better!  We caught one of the top ten sunsets I've ever witnessed and we got to know The Hearnes better.  We had so many questions for them about their nomadic lifestyle and we swapped stories of travelling and adventure.  We ended up shooting right until the last sliver of sun melted beyond the horizon and we walked back to car in the pitch black under a blanket of stars.  

I love the photos that Abbi took of us well, you can find them here.  We hope that these two will bring their campervan to Canada soon so we can adventure with them again!  

Sweden Wedding Photographer // Marta + Robin in Stjarnsund

I had the amazing opportunity to travel back to Sweden last year to photograph Marta and Robin's countryside wedding in Dalarna.  My first time shooting a wedding not conducted in English, I was a bit nervous, but the obvious love between this couple and their friends and family made it easy to pick up on all the non verbal cues and emotion.

My husband, Jaimie (who second shot his first wedding with me - yay babe!) has family from Sweden so we were a bit prepared for the Swedish customs that took place but there were some that we didn't know about beforehand.  One super fun tradition is when the bride or groom stands up to go to leave the room and the other one is left sitting by themselves, everyone of the opposite sex gets up and kisses the person who is sitting down.

The last time we were in Sweden it was pouring buckets but we were so lucky to have a beautiful Summer's day for the wedding with a great sunset.  We took advantage by sneaking out for a few minutes during dinner and taking some photograph's in a feild nearby.

When I sent Marta and Robin their finished photos I got this message back: "Wow. You are such a talent - I can't wrap my head around the fact that you were actually there with us!  Your pictures are magical, it's like someone rewound the tape and pressed play again.  I sent the link to some friends and they all said - it's amazing how she captured the emotions and aura of the day.  I couldn't agree more. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"  Thank YOU, Marta and Robin, for trusting me to capture your special day. Grattis på bröllopsdagen!

Click on the image below to see the rest of this Swedish celebration!

Vancouver Wedding Photographer // Courtney + Steven at The Permanent

I'm finally getting around to updating all the content on my website and have a bunch of wedding from last Summer that I can't wait to share with you.  First up is Courtney and Steven's wedding at The Permanent in Gastown.  I had the opportunity to shoot at this lovely restored heritage venue twice this past year and I love it for all it's character and vintage charm. 

Courtney and Steven were so much fun to work with, they were up for anything and completely trusted my vision to shoot their portraits in an urban setting.  They wanted artistic and fun wedding party photos and I think we totally achieved that.  Some of my favourite wedding party photos to date came out of this wedding (it helped that their friends are an amazing and super fun group of people!)

Getting to know these two over the course of the year, I could immediately tell how much they love each other.  They seem perfectly matched in so many ways and it was so easy for me to capture this aspect of their relationship.  Click the image link below to see their full gallery.  

Congrats again Court and Steven!


San Francisco Wedding Photographer // Sara + Brad Sutro Baths Engagement

In October last year Jaimie and I decided to take a road trip through California, starting in LA heading through Yosemite and ending in San Francisco.  I had never been to San Francisco before but had seen many pictures of the famous Sutro Baths and knew I wanted to shoot there.  Sara and Brad found me through Instagram (I love connecting with people through social media!) and asked me to shoot their engagement photos while I was down there.  It worked out perfectly that we had locals show us around Lands End because they knew some great spots and we had fantastic weather (missing that now in rainy, cold Vancouver)!  Jaimie and I had a blast adventuring around with these two.  I hope we get the chance to connect with them again the next time we are down in SF (the dim sum is calling us back!)

International Wedding Photographer // Cory + Carolina Copenhagen Couples Session

I love meeting other photographers, especially when I travel.  I always make a point of connecting with photogs around the globe on social media and when I visit their cities I try and arrange a meet or a shoot.  It's a really cool community that I'm part of!  Carolina is a super talented Wedding Photographer who is based out of Copenhagen (one of my favourite cities!). I've admired her work for a long time so when she said yes to a shoot with her partner, Cory, I was beyond thrilled but also a bit intimidated.  These two were so much fun to work with though and had great chemistry which made it very easy to photograph them.  They also took me out for wine and cheese before the shoot which was the best!  I got to know them both and found out that they are truly wonderful and genuine people.  I hope our paths cross again soon!

2016 - Year in Review

Whoa. What a feat it was putting together this 'Year in Review' blog post.  I have witnessed and been a part of too many beautiful, joyous and heartfelt moments to narrow it down to just a few.  So, sorry not sorry.  This post is going to be mammoth, so you might want to grab a cup of tea and maybe take a bathroom break before settling into this one.  Oh yeah, and grab some kleenex because there are many tear inducing images coming your way.

So many exciting things have happened in the past year, and it's been the biggest and best for my business so far!  I finally went full time in May and had a killer 2016 wedding season, doubling my bookings from last year.  I travelled a lot as well, visiting Kauai, Portland, New Orleans, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and road-tripping through California.  I have seen one of the most beautiful sunsets of my life (Yosemite), stood at the base of one of the most awe-inspiring waterfalls (Iceland), photographed my first wedding that wasn't in English (Sweden), captured a Secondline parade at a New Orleans wedding, and connected with and met so many inspiring and talented photographers both online and at some incredible workshops and conferences like Possible Portland and ARC.  

Thank you to everyone who has been following along and supporting me in my journey, especially to my amazing clients who put their total trust in me to capture their special days.  It has been awesome to not only document these memories but also to come out of it with new friends :)  Also, a huge thank you to my husband for always supporting my crazy dreams and being there ready with sandwich in hand for those hangry moments.

I'm so excited for things to come in 2017, I already have many unique and amazing sounding celebrations on the books and a few creative and personal projects that I'm going to try and pursue.  Oh yes, there will also be travel (obvs) next year we are heading to Mexico and Newfoundland as well as doing some local BC exploring.  Can't wait!

See you in 2017!