Photo by Rachel Pick

Photo by Rachel Pick



I live in Vancouver, BC with my husband Jaimie and my pug, Madeline.  When I'm not working (and sometimes when I am) I am travelling the globe in search of adventure, with my camera gear close at hand.  I love being in the great outdoors, and really enjoy photographing people in nature.  However, I have a background in design, so I am also very comfortable shooting in urban environments and incorporating architectural details into my work.  I am passionate about visual story-telling and am definitely more comfortable being behind a camera than in front of one! 

wife / pug lover / traveller / artist / bookworm / list-maker / adventurer / tea lover /foodie /dim sum enthusiast / interior designer / only child / night owl / potterhead / beer drinker / virgo / nature addict / talk radio listener / instagrammer / birkenstock wearer / waterfall chaser / subaru owner





I am very lucky to be able to run a business and support myself doing something I love.  This is not the reality for many people in the World.  One of the initiatives I support is Kiva, a non-profit organization which provides micro-finance loans to people, who have no access to traditional banking systems, by connecting them to individual lenders.  Their goal is to try and alleviate poverty in the poorest areas of the globe.  Having met individuals who could be directly impacted by these loans has really made me committed to giving back what I can.  I will be donating 1% of the profits from all my 2019 weddings to Kiva.  You can read more about what they do here.

I was able to help fund loans for 7 people in 6 countries thanks to all of my clients in 2018.