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Stjarnsund Sweden Countryside Wedding // Marta + Robin

I had the amazing opportunity to travel back to Sweden last year to photograph Marta and Robin's countryside wedding in Dalarna.  My first time shooting a wedding not conducted in English, I was a bit nervous, but the obvious love between this couple and their friends and family made it easy to pick up on all the non verbal cues and emotion.

My husband, Jaimie (who second shot his first wedding with me - yay babe!) has family from Sweden so we were a bit prepared for the Swedish customs that took place but there were some that we didn't know about beforehand.  One super fun tradition is when the bride or groom stands up to go to leave the room and the other one is left sitting by themselves, everyone of the opposite sex gets up and kisses the person who is sitting down.

The last time we were in Sweden it was pouring buckets but we were so lucky to have a beautiful Summer's day for the wedding with a great sunset.  We took advantage by sneaking out for a few minutes during dinner and taking some photograph's in a feild nearby.

When I sent Marta and Robin their finished photos I got this message back: "Wow. You are such a talent - I can't wrap my head around the fact that you were actually there with us!  Your pictures are magical, it's like someone rewound the tape and pressed play again.  I sent the link to some friends and they all said - it's amazing how she captured the emotions and aura of the day.  I couldn't agree more. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"  Thank YOU, Marta and Robin, for trusting me to capture your special day. Grattis på bröllopsdagen!

Click on the image below to see the rest of this Swedish celebration!

Copenhagen Urban Couple Session // Cory + Carolina

I love meeting other photographers, especially when I travel.  I always make a point of connecting with photogs around the globe on social media and when I visit their cities I try and arrange a meet or a shoot.  It's a really cool community that I'm part of!  Carolina is a super talented Wedding Photographer who is based out of Copenhagen (one of my favourite cities!). I've admired her work for a long time so when she said yes to a shoot with her partner, Cory, I was beyond thrilled but also a bit intimidated.  These two were so much fun to work with though and had great chemistry which made it very easy to photograph them.  They also took me out for wine and cheese before the shoot which was the best!  I got to know them both and found out that they are truly wonderful and genuine people.  I hope our paths cross again soon!

Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer // Russell + Hjordis (Disa) at bird's eye cove farm

One of my first weddings of the 2015 was Russell + Disa's at the beautiful and scenic Birdseye Cove Farm on Vancouver Island.  This wedding was such a great way to kick off my season!  The day was filled to the brim with love and emotion.  Every detail was well thought out and the weather was awesome, making for some breathtaking photos.

If Russell and Disa look familiar it may be because you've seen their session in Iceland that I shot in July.  Disa is from Iceland and by some stroke of luck Jaimie and I were already planning a trip there and we arranged to shoot Part II of their wedding there shortly after their wedding in Canada.  I thought it was incredibly special that they had their portraits done in both of their hometowns, and I was so honored to capture their story.

Russell and Disa are such a down-to-earth couple and everything about their farm wedding was so fitting with this aspect of their personalities.  There were so many personal touches to their wedding that just made it extra special, and also demonstrated the tight bond that both of them share with their families.  Russell's sister, Amina, did all of the flower arrangements and they were some of my favorite florals of the year.  Disa's mom baked a whole table of traditional Icelandic desserts, complemented of course by the classic Scandinavian  dish of strawberries.   The dancing continued well into the night as well as rounds of celebratory cigars.

One of the best parts of my job is when clients turn into friends, and I can say that I became fast friends with these two.  Jaimie and I are travelling back to Denmark later this year and we are hoping to get a chance to visit these two in their new home city!

I was very excited that this wedding was recently featured on Great Canadian Weddings.

Click on the image below to enjoy all the images from this gorgeous farm wedding!

Getting in the Spirit of Giving

All of the photos above were from my travels to Myanmar, you can see more images here

Having travelled extensively throughout some very rural and poverty stricken countries has left me acutely aware of how lucky I am to be able to do the job I love and be able to support myself doing it.  It's made me committed to doing something, however small, to try and give back.

Earlier this week I launched a big Giveaway to win a destination wedding.  Today I would like to announce something a little different but still in the spirit of giving.  I have decided to donate 1% of the profits from every 2016 wedding to Kiva, an organization I have been supporting for the last two years.  This money will go directly to people, who need loans to build their businesses, get an education and improve life for their families.  In other words, people just like us, who need a little help getting started.

You can read more about Kiva here.  I have also posted my commitment directly on my Get to Know Me page.