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Getting in the Spirit of Giving

All of the photos above were from my travels to Myanmar, you can see more images here

Having travelled extensively throughout some very rural and poverty stricken countries has left me acutely aware of how lucky I am to be able to do the job I love and be able to support myself doing it.  It's made me committed to doing something, however small, to try and give back.

Earlier this week I launched a big Giveaway to win a destination wedding.  Today I would like to announce something a little different but still in the spirit of giving.  I have decided to donate 1% of the profits from every 2016 wedding to Kiva, an organization I have been supporting for the last two years.  This money will go directly to people, who need loans to build their businesses, get an education and improve life for their families.  In other words, people just like us, who need a little help getting started.

You can read more about Kiva here.  I have also posted my commitment directly on my Get to Know Me page.