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SRP Rebranding and Website Refresh!

Well looking back at the sporadic posts for the past year I think it's fair to say that I've been neglecting the blog (I am making a promise to myself to change this and start blogging more often!).  I have been busy though with some exciting changes to my brand and website and have some exciting things to share with you all!

My old logo was always a placeholder while I figured out the direction that my business was taking.  I'm finally discovering who I am as a photographer (yay!) and really starting to narrow my business down and hone my photographic style.  One thing that has remained a constant element in my work was my love for the outdoors and travel.  I thought it was time to take those elements and rebrand my business.  The talented graphic designer Miles Chic (visit his website!) created my new logo and I love it!  Some of you might know that my maiden name is Smallenberg, a German name, which translates to "small mountain."  This was the perfect jumping off point for my new logo and something I expressed to Miles that I wanted to capture.

I also worked late nights revamping my website into something that I feel represents my brand in a much clearer way.  When I first started my business I was just trying to get the most amount of work possible and that meant taking on any and every job that came along.  Through that process I discovered my love for photographing weddings which is what I have decided to focus my business on.  The majority of the work you will now see on my site will be primarily weddings, engagements and portraits as well as images from my travels.

To celebrate my new brand and site I am going to be giving away a FREE destination wedding package for 2016.  Head here to find out at the details!

I'm so excited to be starting what feels like a new chapter in my story and taking my business forward and upward!  Thanks for all your support :)