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2016 - Year in Review

Whoa. What a feat it was putting together this 'Year in Review' blog post.  I have witnessed and been a part of too many beautiful, joyous and heartfelt moments to narrow it down to just a few.  So, sorry not sorry.  This post is going to be mammoth, so you might want to grab a cup of tea and maybe take a bathroom break before settling into this one.  Oh yeah, and grab some kleenex because there are many tear inducing images coming your way.

So many exciting things have happened in the past year, and it's been the biggest and best for my business so far!  I finally went full time in May and had a killer 2016 wedding season, doubling my bookings from last year.  I travelled a lot as well, visiting Kauai, Portland, New Orleans, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and road-tripping through California.  I have seen one of the most beautiful sunsets of my life (Yosemite), stood at the base of one of the most awe-inspiring waterfalls (Iceland), photographed my first wedding that wasn't in English (Sweden), captured a Secondline parade at a New Orleans wedding, and connected with and met so many inspiring and talented photographers both online and at some incredible workshops and conferences like Possible Portland and ARC.  

Thank you to everyone who has been following along and supporting me in my journey, especially to my amazing clients who put their total trust in me to capture their special days.  It has been awesome to not only document these memories but also to come out of it with new friends :)  Also, a huge thank you to my husband for always supporting my crazy dreams and being there ready with sandwich in hand for those hangry moments.

I'm so excited for things to come in 2017, I already have many unique and amazing sounding celebrations on the books and a few creative and personal projects that I'm going to try and pursue.  Oh yes, there will also be travel (obvs) next year we are heading to Mexico and Newfoundland as well as doing some local BC exploring.  Can't wait!

See you in 2017!

Iceland Wedding Photographer // Russell + Hjordis

In July I was fortunate to travel to one of my dream destinations, Iceland to shoot part II of Russell + Disa's wedding story.  I had captured their beautiful Vancouver Island wedding earlier in June and they wanted to continue their photos in Disa's home country.

Everything about this trip was so special.  These two took a chance on me and trusted me to capture their memories and I'm so grateful for it.  They were totally open to my vision and were awesome clients, never complaining even while shooting in the cold Icelandic wind. 

More than anything I feel like I got two friends out of the experience and that for me is why I love this job.  Seeing the world and getting to meet interesting people with unique stories is the best part of being a wedding photographer.

Til Hamingju Russell and Disa! 

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