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Vancouver Cozy In-Home Couples Session // Lorenza + Ilenia

Last year I did a very special in-home session with two amazing women, Lorenza and Ilenia.  These two are from Italy but moved to Canada to live in a place more accepting of LGBTQ couples. I actually met Lorenza on Instagram and asked her if they would want to shoot with me sometime and we set up a session in their new apartment.  These two were so natural in front of the camera, so obviously in love, that it made the session flow so smoothly. We’ve become friends since the shoot, in fact, they had my husband and I over for dinner and cooked us authentic Italian pasta and risotto! 

I had them write a little bit about their relationship and their move to Canada and this is some of what they said: "Our story has been accompanied then by the decision that we made together to not hide our relationship. The visibility, the sincerity and simplicity have always been essential to us. It wasn’t always easy to stay true to our principles especially in a state like Italy where LGBT rights aren’t guaranteed and public opinion is still very closed-minded.

Our dreams aren’t so different from many young couples in love. We dream of finding a job that we like, to marry and grow old together and have one, two or even three children. All this in a state where our love and our family is protected and where homophobia is only a bad thing that once existed.

In order to follow our dreams, we decided to move to Canada in March 2017. Even if we tried our best, we felt Italy too much tight to us. Now we live in Vancouver and we’re happy as never before. We always hold hands when we walk together, we kiss no matter who can see us and we go on adventures together on our days off. We found our personal Garden of Eden. And this is all I wish to all. Find your personal path and follow it. No matter how hard it is, just follow your heart and everything will be fine."

You can read the rest of their story on Dancing With Her.

Copenhagen Urban Couple Session // Cory + Carolina

I love meeting other photographers, especially when I travel.  I always make a point of connecting with photogs around the globe on social media and when I visit their cities I try and arrange a meet or a shoot.  It's a really cool community that I'm part of!  Carolina is a super talented Wedding Photographer who is based out of Copenhagen (one of my favourite cities!). I've admired her work for a long time so when she said yes to a shoot with her partner, Cory, I was beyond thrilled but also a bit intimidated.  These two were so much fun to work with though and had great chemistry which made it very easy to photograph them.  They also took me out for wine and cheese before the shoot which was the best!  I got to know them both and found out that they are truly wonderful and genuine people.  I hope our paths cross again soon!