"Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer"

To kick-off the New Year, I have created a Wanderlust category on my site.  Here you will find galleries of my travels.  I hope you will enjoy my visual travel diary; maybe it will inspire you to visit some of these places.  The world is full of endless possibilities, of amazing stories to be told, people to meet, lessons to learn.  Travel is my teacher.  It teaches me how to communicate better, be more patient, and live life to the fullest without regrets.  I also have the opportunity to take some kickass photos.

My husband, Jaimie and I have started a bucket list of places we want to travel to together (being married to a travel agent has its perks).  Instead of doing it the same way as some of the people we know, and travelling for a year or two all at once, we are slowly chipping away at our list by going away a couple times a year.  We have already been to some wonderful places: Laos, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand, Sweden, Denmark, and Mexico among others.  We just returned a month ago from a trip to Jamaica and New York.  

The images below will link you to my first Wanderlust gallery from our time in New York.  We had a fantastic time there; the city is so vibrant and full of energy.  We had fantastic food (we highly recommend The Spice Market in the Meat Packing District), walked the Highline (an elevated park on a historic section of freight rail line—a highlight not to be missed!), walk the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset, and visited the very moving 9/11 Memorial.

Some places on Sara + Jaimie’s Bucket List:
Myanmar / Indonesia / Peru / Greece / Croatia / Turkey / Argentina

The Highline, New York

The Highline, New York

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