2013 In Review

Wow...2013 was such a whirlwind for me both personally and professionally.  I launched my photography business, and through it learnt so much and met so many interesting people.  Starting Sara Rogers Photography has been a wonderful, life-changing and humbling experience.  I have had to start at square one all over again, which is incredibly scary, but for the first time, I truly feel that this is the career that I was meant to have.  I have a long way to go, but I'm looking forward to the ride, and can finally say that I truly 'love what I do' which is an amazing feeling.

2013 was also the year that I married my best friend, and I can't wait to have so many more years with him, exploring the world and growing old together.  Thank you Jaimie for carrying my camera (and all my other equipment) around on our travels!

I'm excited for what 2014 will bring and am going to set some goals for myself this year that I will work hard to achieve (and hopefully there will be some luck along the way).  I want to shoot a wedding (or two, or three).  I want to travel more with my husband.  I want to build my business up so that I can support my family.  I want my family to grow bigger.  And I want to continue meeting and photographing amazing people and places. I'm putting this out into the universe, and saying bring it on 2014!

Thanks to all my wonderful clients this year, you are why I do what I do.  I love documenting your memories and capturing your love stories. I also want to thank all my friends who have supported my business through various social media outlets.  I hope that all your wishes come true in the New Year!



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