Taryn...and Her Best Friends

In October I had the chance to shoot a best friends, birthday celebration shoot, a first for me.  My friend, Chara called me to schedule a couple month before and filled me in on the idea: a group of girls wanted to suprise their friend, Taryn, for her Birthday and do a group photoshoot.  Immediately after hanging up the phone with her I was wondering why my friends and I had never done a shoot like this? What a fantastic idea! 

I was a bit nervous before the day having never shot a group this large before (there were 9 of them!), but the girls were instantly welcoming and total naturals at having their photos taken.  I was so inspired by their palpable and genuine affection for each other, which made sense when I learned that they have been friends since elementary school!

The day begun with balloons and champagne, at the beautiful Jericho Beach.  The girls then proceeded to twerk, lunge drink, and form a human pyramid.  A full picnic spread followed and then cupcakes and more champagne.  In the afternoon, Taryn's boyfriend came to join the festivities and have a one-on-one couple's photo session.  After this came, you guessed it...more champagne.

I left the shoot feeling very full-hearted and totally commited to scheduling a photoshoot with my best friends.  Thank you to all the ladies: Taryn, Chara, Sammie, Zoe, Kelsey, Kylee, Christina, Tiani, and Tara.

To see the girls in action, please click on the image below....