California Wedding Photographer // Abbi + Callen Yosemite Adventure Session

Yosemite Park Wedding Photographer

One of my absolute favourite things (besides my dog, and Jaimie, and waffles obvs) is meeting up and shooting with other photographers when we're on the road.  I met Abbi on Facebook and saw through one of the photography groups we're both in that her and her husband, Callen, were planning on being in Yosemite at the same time as Jaimie and I so we arranged a session.

The day of the session was pretty miserable, weather and visibility was low.  I had dreamed of those gorgeous Yosemite views I had been seeing in photos and when we got to the parking lot at Glacier Point we saw that the clouds were socked in and there was a pretty chilly drizzle as well.  We are all adventurous people so we decided we'd shoot anyways and make the best out of it, Yosemite had different plans for me though.  As I jumped down from the van to cross the parking lot my hiking boot laces got tangled together and I ended up taking a faceplant right on the pavement.  Glasses smashed, knee cut open and some gravel in my face, we decided that maybe it wasn't in the cards to shoot that night.  As Jaimie and I were leaving the parking lot though the sky opened up and an amazing sunset appeared in sky.  You better believe that I hobbled back out to shoot and I'm so glad I did, we caught an awesome sunset and I got a couple great shots of Abbi and Callen.

We made arrangements to meet up the next day and hike out to Taft Point for a full session and it couldn't have gone better!  We caught one of the top ten sunsets I've ever witnessed and we got to know The Hearnes better.  We had so many questions for them about their nomadic lifestyle and we swapped stories of travelling and adventure.  We ended up shooting right until the last sliver of sun melted beyond the horizon and we walked back to car in the pitch black under a blanket of stars.  

I love the photos that Abbi took of us well, you can find them here.  We hope that these two will bring their campervan to Canada soon so we can adventure with them again!