The Nguyens

I headed out a few weeks ago to Granville Island to take photos of the Nguyen family.  Taking photos at Granville Island is super fun, especially with families as there is so much to see and do that it keeps kids distracted so they forget I'm there!  

Sonny, Don and Jully's son, was too cute.  Apparently he wanted to wear his dinosaur pajamas to the shoot and it took a little convincing by his parents to get him into the nice outfit they had picked out for him.  I think the waffles with whip cream on top may have helped him forget about his oufit though! 

We took a trip through the market after breakfast and then went over to the playground near the water park where Sonny had a blast!  He was a wonderful kid, full of kisses for mom and dad, and I left with a happy feeling in my heart.

To view the rest of the photos from this family session click the image below.